COVID-19 Vaccine Info

Join Our COVID-19 Vaccine Waiting List
If you would like to be added to our waiting list to receive notification for when we open scheduling, please complete the following form. 
Completion of this form will also prompt an email to be sent to you from Vaccine Management System which is a portal established by North Carolina for vaccine recipients to determine eligibility for the current phase of vaccine rollout. Allow up to 1 business day to receive this email. 
The email will come from: Vaccine Management System:
Email Subject: Welcome to the COVID-19 Vaccine Management System
Click the link provided within that email to register for the vaccine portal. It will determine if you are currently eligible to receive the vaccine. When Hogan’s Pharmacy receives vaccine we will update our website and open scheduling for appointments. If you submit the form below you will be notified when our scheduling is open.
You can also visit or to check current vaccine availability in our community. 
If you are not comfortable with registering or scheduling online please see our staff for assistance. We are here to help!